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About Us

About Ionic Comics

Independently created, independently published, passionately filled. Ionic Comics is a new, independently produced and published comic book company based out of lush and beautiful Eugene, Oregon.

Founded in 2011 by artist Annie Erskine, their hope was to freely create characters and stories of their own design. Since then, it has taken on some new members and hopes to bring in more artists and creators in the future in order to tell their stories.

Ionic Comics is currently developing a webcomic called “Variants: Stripes”. This super hero tale, and all future Ionic Comics publications, hope to bring the LGBTQIA+ community to the spotlight.

Annie Erskine - Founder and Lead Artist

​Annie Erskine is the founder and Lead Artist for Ionic Comics. They own "Erskine Art Studio LLC" and work as a professional illustrator and designer for clients like Cartoon Network, Boomerang, CollegeHumor, Edmodo, and more. The Kentucky Foundation for Women recently named Annie the recipient of their 2016 Firestarter Award. Annie loves to draw strong female characters with awesome personalities. Their favorite character is Sam due to her strong tough nature and family ties.

Clint Waters - Lead Writer

​Clint is Ionic Comics' lead writer whose amazing talent helps make the Ionic Comics universe compelling and awesome to read. Clint graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from Western Kentucky University, but has been scribbling things down since they can remember. Their favorite character is Technologic because of her rich backstory and character flaws. Clint's other published works include short-story anthology collections "Futures Gleaming Darkly" and "Dreams Fading Brightly", as well as their poetry collection "Vivisection".

Joy Erskine - Artist

​​Joy Erskine is an digital artist for Ionic Comics. She helps with various seqential art, coloring, illustration, promotional elements, and more that the team might need. Outside of Ionic Comics, Joy works with Annie as a contractor for Erskine Art Studio. Joy is Annie’s wife and best friend. Her favorite character is Mr. Fluffers, because what isn’t there to like about a teddy-bear with rockets strapped to it?!

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